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Dear Frustrated Reader,


The reason I am writing this letter is because I was once exactly where you are today, low on confidence with women, at work and every area of my life. Which is why I have begun a movement to help guys who are going through the same anxiety/low self-confidence/nervousness problem that I once did.

With help from mentors, countless books and constantly pushing myself outside my comfort zone for over tens of thousands of hours, I was able to change that.

What if, I told you that I could help you completely transform yourself and bring out the best version of you, to a point where your friends, family, colleagues and anyone you ever met, would be in complete awe of you?

What if I told you, you could…

  • Make your life fun, exciting and actually mean something
  • Effortlessly talk to any girl your heart desired with a burning self-confidence
  • Be a leader in your work place and constantly get noticed by bosses and clients
  • Never have to worry about being alone again
  • Save yourself from a life of loneliness and depression
  • Fulfill and pursue every dream you ever had in life without being scared
  • And much, much more...

But before I do that, let me tell you…

Who I Am and How I Got Here?

My name is Aneel Samuel and growing up I was a normal, rather naughty kid who loved having fun and making friends. But at the age of 10, I moved to a “better” school, where I didn’t really fit in with the other kids for a very long time. So I started to act like them and started to overcompensate, but no matter what I did, or how hard I tried I always felt like everyone constantly looked down on me.

I thought that there was something seriously wrong with me to be constantly different from everyone else!

These initial years created huge self-doubt that I spent fighting in my adult years...

And Then a Moment of Realization Created New Fire

Now, after all of this, while I was in high school, for some strange reason my teacher thought it was a good idea to put in the debate team (I don’t know what her reasoning was, because honestly my communication skills sucked!). Anyways I spent weeks preparing, had everything written down to a point. Finally, the big day came… and… I completely froze!

I couldn’t remember a word!

And there they were, a few hundred faces (including a world-renown Harvard professor who flew in), staring me right in face, when I for the life of me couldn’t remember anything I had spent weeks preparing!

Honestly, I knew I had confidence issues before then, I couldn’t talk to girls, and I couldn’t speak my mind in front of others and was just a troubled kid in general. But it was at that moment that I realized that I had to do something about this.

I was sick of being an afterthought and wanted to be ultra-self-confident and highly charismatic.

I wish I could say that in one miraculous instant I became an uber-confident rock star persona, but the truth is my journey to where I am took time. I paid my dues, by learning from mentors, books, research on psychology and literally pushing myself outside my boundaries.

Since that time, not only have I created massive social change in my life, I have performed in front of crowds of hundreds of people with overflowing confidence, counselled young people going through different social issues, consulted men and women from almost every walk of life.

Why The Heck You Should Be Listening To Me?

Most of the courses out there on how to become more confident, are created by guys who never had any confidence issues to begin with… I don’t know about you but I don’t want to learn from someone who doesn’t know what it feels like to be on the other side.

I would want to learn from someone, who has been where I am or even further down than I am and worked their butt off to master the science of self-confidence.

There are also a lot of courses that are just overly too complex and have way too much unnecessary information to be applied to day-to-day life and make a real difference. It’s much better to learn from someone who has consulted many people and knows exactly the kind of information that will make the maximum level of difference in increasing self-confidence.

So here is the kind of guy you are dealing with:

  • Someone who actually understands what it’s like to have extremely low self-confidence and has worked very hard to make a difference in their own life!
  • Someone who has spent tens of thousands of hours researching psychology and what makes a difference in self-confidence!
  • Someone who has actually applied what they have learnt, unlike those book worms, who have no idea what they are talking about!
  • Someone who knows what exactly you need to learn to be self-confident and skip over all the unnecessary BS!

Which brings me to my next point…

The Secret Science of Self-Confidence

My journey of becoming self-confident, was a very long one. I thought that I was genetically low on self-confidence and socially anxious. I mean there had to be something wrong with me, right? I thought I would have to be extremely good looking, very smart, or athletic to have high confidence… Because I certainly wasn’t any of those things…

Until I had this burning desire inside of me to make a change. And am I glad I did.

When I started learning about psychology, I understood that the human brain had certain patterns that created emotions and encouraged behavior. Those with low confidence had certain brain patterns that had over the years been created due to circumstances in their lives.

I understood that if I wanted to become confident quickly it was important that I changed those patterns. And that’s what I started doing… and then I started teaching these things to some people around me… to a point where I actually started consulting them. But it turned out to be very, very time consuming and I couldn’t work with many people at one time, and help those around me…

So I started working on a program that would allow me to help many people around the world who were suffering from low self-confidence at the same time. So I started working on a program that is the…

 Charismatic Confidence 

Boot Camp


As I said earlier, I have been on the other side and I know what it takes to become more self-confident. Therefore I have designed this 30-day boot camp that comes in the form of a complete course, in such a way that it deals with changing the human mental patterns from low self-confident behavior to high self-confidence.

It involves addressing different aspects of the human psyche to allow you to go through such a way that it will push you the right amount at the required time, rather than overwhelming you.

It’s not a fancy designed eBook with a lot of bells and whistles to make it look pretty, because that ain’t what I do. I have created a hardcore Self-Confidence Boot Camp that will challenge you and push you to your very limits.

It will, however, include the following:

  • eBook with the complete information and exercises that you need to perform, to increase self-confidence
    • A notebook designed to write and track your progress, specifically for the program


    Since it is a Boot Camp and that of the highest quality, it will push and challenge you thoroughly. Some of the things I teach in this Boot Camp and its’ benefits include:

    • Increasing your self-confidence to become more attractive in the eyes of others!
    • Evaluating the deepest parts of your character and personality, and laying the ground works for transformation (Page 3-7)
    • Reorganizing your mental patterns, that cause low self-confidence behavior and channeling them in a different directions of higher self-confidence (Page 8)
    • Rather than faking confidence, you learn how to train your brain to become confident in every possible situation!
    • The “Mind Mirror Exercise”, which is finding your more self-confident version! (Page 9) 
    • Mental simulation trick that allows you to increase self-confidence, at any time of the day no matter where you are!
    • Learn how you can deal with any situation of high level anxiety, through this mind simulation trick! 
    • Multiple different exercises that will allow you to become more socially open and a real people’s person! 
    • Simple actions that you can implement immediately in your daily life to experience a more confident mental state!
    • Become successful at breaking the ice and chatting up beautiful women… you don’t have to be forever alone! 
    • Several exercises on how to challenge yourself and push yourself outside your comfort zone! 
    • And many, many others.

    Remember this is a 30 day course on how to improve your self-confidence… if                        implemented properly you can benefit from this greatly.

    But I want to you to keep in mind that this program is NOT for everybody, which is why I want you to read the next part of this letter extremely carefully, to understand…

    Who This Program is NOT For

    I’ve spent a very long time working on this program in order to perfect it for guys who are low on self-confidence to improve every arena of their lives.

    But there is a group of guys, that this program just isn’t suitable for and if you find yourself,    identifying yourself with any of these traits, I want you to close this page right now,                because you are wasting your time!

          The Slacker – If you want a quick-fix product this is not for you, where you lay back and listen to some motivational sounds that mess with your brain. There is other stuff for that. These are hardcore exercises and many of them will put you outside your comfort zone, many times. But you will become a more confident person. If you can’t do that, I suggest you close this page now.

          The Serial Refund-er – If you are one of those people who keeps buying new stuff, goes through them, never really implements and then complain about how it’s not working, asking for refunds, let me stop you right here… This ain’t for you, my friend. This is for people who actually wish to invest in themselves and become the best versions of themselves.

           Mr. Know-It-All – When I learn from my mentors I was extremely humble and would follow their instructions to T. Now during my time as a trainer/consultant/teacher in many different areas, I have had the chance to see many different students and many of them despite not knowing anything, think they know it all! Those are not the best kind of students and not the kind of people I work with. When you sign up for any of my programs, I am your coach and you listen to me. If you are not down with that, then there is no place for you here. Simple.

          The Recreational Reader – There are a significant amount of people, who just love being entertained. They buy most books and courses, so that someone can entertain them. I would like to tell you I am not here to entertain you. I am here to make a difference in people’s life who are willing to make a change. This is not meant for entertainment, but self-investment.

    I want to be very clear on the fact that, if you find yourself to be one of these characters, you need to close this page now!

    If you have managed to find yourself on the other side of this spectrum… I’m glad because you’re more the kind of person I want to deal with… which brings me to… who this program is for...

    It's For Anyone... Who Wants to Become  

    The Life of The Party Everywhere They Go 

    This part is very clear and to the point. This program is for anyone who has been facing self-confidence issues, whether be it with girls, at work, socially and just feels that they are stuck in a rut.

    This program is for you if you are willing to go the distance and make an actual change in your life, because believe me if you follow everything as per my instruction… you will surely see results and it will be your beginning towards a new and exciting life where very little will hold you back.

    I don’t claim it’s a magic pill that will make all your problems go away, but it will make your life a heck more exciting that it is right now!

    Here are the things you don’t need to be to be highly self-confident…

          You DON’T  need a tremendously high self-confident background

                You DON’T need to have the looks of a super model

                You DON’T need to be stinkin’ rich driving around in sports cars

                You DON’T need to be ultra-ripped with a 6-pack bod...

    What you DO need to be is someone who has a burning desire to be highly self-confident and will actually implement these exercises.

    You will need anywhere between 5-45 minutes to implement these exercises in a day. And, believe you me, you will start seeing changes from day one.

    I have worked very hard to perfect this program for people who are suffering from low self-confidence.

    This is a program for the elite, who will eventually become true alpha-males. I have no created this program for those who won’t take action to invest in themselves and will come looking for refunds!

    If you do not meet the above criteria, please leave this page.

    If it is you. Keep reading.

    NEVER EVER Worry About Being Called  
    "Awkward", "Shy" Or "Weird"...

    Honestly, while creating this program, I thought of everything that I would have needed while at that stage of low self-confidence.

    To get over my anxiety and self-confidence I spent a long time trying to learn and research.

    What I have done in this program is taken all of that and put into one boot camp. This will allow you, to benefit from effective hard hitting information and exercises and make the most out of it in 30 days.

    I have taken out a lot of unnecessary information and just included the most kick-ass information so that you can make the most out of this 30 day period.

    But this isn’t an instruction manual, it is a complete system along with different tools to help you progress and effectively see results in your life.

    If I had this kind of product back in the day, it would have shaved years off my learning curve.

    I have seen many similar programs, out there and I encourage you to check them out! Many of them just offer a lot of information (some of it may even be worth something), but there is not a proper way to implement the information… after reading most of it, the reader still might not have a clue as to how this is going to make their lives better!

    That is exactly what I wanted to avoid with The B.T.A 30 Day Boot Camp. I wanted to make the information as practical and applicable as possible where the reader wouldn’t just be reading information, but actually doing something daily to make a change in their life!

    Improve Your Confidence With Women,  Social Circles, At The Workplace and Everywhere You Go!

    Honestly, I wanted to create a qualifying system for this program, where I could review each and every application before giving access but honestly my very limited schedule does not allow me to do that.

    Which is why I have been very thorough on who should apply and who shouldn’t.

    I did some research on self-confidence products in the market and many of them are charging over $100.

    And as I specified, most of them are not worth that price tag, because ultimately they don’t make any difference in the lives of the reader.

    With B.T.A. you will actually see a realistic change in your life.

    I originally planned on charging a price of $147, even though it’s worth much more than that. But I’m not going to.

    Seriously, I would’ve paid much more than that when I was initially starting out.

    Honestly the purpose of creating this system is to genuinely help people and not just making it accessible people who can afford it, but those who actually need it.

    NOTE: As I told you earlier… this product is for self-investors. Therefore there are NO REFUNDS. I suggest you only buy the product only if you are sure that you going to follow it seriously!

    Now after all of that if you are still here and still interested... then go ahead and start the most exciting time of your life!

    P.S. – For many years I saw other people reap the benefits of being more self-confident, having more friends, having better relationships and just exceling and being liked by others and I always wished I was in their place.

    My only regret now is why I didn’t start working on my self-confidence earlier. If you feel the same way, you need to enter this program.